Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dresden vs Eintracht Frankfurt

Germany 2nd Bundesliga match between the teams on Dynamo Dresden and Eintracht Frankfurt.Last season Eintracht Frankfurt relegated from 1st Bundesliga but expectations are for fast backing on their elite status winning promotion this season.
But its not so easy and Eintracht Frankfurt lost already points in 4 of their 8 matches.Ofcourse they can be happy of that still their team is unbeaten and they are with one of the good defenses too plus strong attack.
This visit is a hard but Dynamo Dresden at all are newcomers in 2nd Bundesliga this season and their performance is a poor for now - 5 losses in 8 matches.

Interesting is Eintracht Frankfurt played better on away with 3-1-0 stats and 13:5 goals difference.I think they are with better chances to win today and continued unbeaten performance in Dresden.- by betshoot.com


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